Most Victims in an Innings for Scotland in ICC Trophy matches

Ct St
440CJO SmithScotland v FijiMaple Leaf North-West Ground, King City2001
330AG DaviesScotland v Papua New GuineaKelab Aman, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
330CJO SmithScotland v CanadaMaple Leaf North-East Ground, King City2001
321CJO SmithScotland v SingaporeMalton Cricket Club, Toronto2001
220AG DaviesScotland v BermudaRoyal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
220AG DaviesScotland v DenmarkRubber Research Institute, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
220AG DaviesScotland v CanadaRoyal Military College, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
211AG DaviesScotland v BangladeshTenaga National Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
211AG DaviesScotland v IrelandTenaga National Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
220CJO SmithScotland v United Arab EmiratesSunnybrook Park, Toronto2001
211CJO SmithScotland v IrelandMalton Cricket Club, Toronto2001
202CJO SmithScotland v NamibiaArmour Heights, Toronto2001
211DR LockhartScotland v NetherlandsCivil Service Cricket Club, Stormont, Belfast2005
211DR LockhartScotland v BermudaThe Vineyard, Dublin2005
211CJO SmithScotland v IrelandCastle Avenue, Dublin2005
110AG DaviesScotland v Hong KongRubber Research Institute, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
110DR LockhartScotland v ItalyUniversity of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur1996/97
101CJO SmithScotland v United States of AmericaG Ross Lord Park Upper Ground, Toronto2001
101CJO SmithScotland v DenmarkMalton Cricket Club, Toronto2001
110CJO SmithScotland v CanadaArmour Heights, Toronto2001
110CJO SmithScotland v CanadaUpritchard Park, Bangor2005
110DR LockhartScotland v Papua New GuineaInstonians Cricket Club, Shaw's Bridge Lower Ground, Belfast2005
110DR LockhartScotland v NamibiaJohn Hunter Grounds, Limavady2005

The list shows the top 23