First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1921/22 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
WS Barclay (Well,NIs)4547567*75.00010 
JS Hiddleston (Well,NIs)481392118  56.00136 
SG Smith (Auck)35119455  48.50030 
ANC Snedden (Auck,NIs)47127499  45.66010 
JSF Shepherd (Ot)36027284  45.33021 
EG McLeod (Auck,NIs)35117956  44.75021 
ER Neale (SIs)1214137*41.00000 
TAB Grant (Cant,SIs)48223778  39.50032 
DR Garrard (Auck,NIs)46215460*38.50014 
WA Baker (Well,NIs)48223063*38.33022 
RC Blunt (Cant,SIs)48027757  34.62034 
CFW Allcott (Auck,NIs)45112840  32.00001 
GB Cummings (Auck)1103131  31.00001 
AW Alloo (SIs)1206052  30.00010 
HN Lambert (Well,NIs)3418360*27.66013 
WR Patrick (Cant,SIs)48119268*27.42010 
A Anthony (Auck)2308243  27.33001 
A Galland (Ot,SIs)48020564  25.62010 
DM Sandman (Cant,SIs)48117458  24.85011 
CCR Dacre (Auck,NIs)47113950  23.16013 
DC Collins (Well,NIs)2409041  22.50002 
JJM McMullan (Ot)36013339  22.16000 
AS Player (Auck)1102222  22.00001 
HM McGirr (Well)3408539  21.25003 
N Conradi (Ot)1203930  19.50000 
HG Siedeberg (Ot)3619728*19.40001 
H Duncan (Ot)1203823  19.00002 
RW Rowntree (Auck)2321919*19.000044
JG Young (Cant)1203735  18.50000 
LG Hemus (Auck)3508751  17.40012 
CS Dempster (Well)2304938  16.33000 
TA Carlton (Ot,SIs)48012928  16.12003 
AG Eckhold (Ot)1203224  16.00001 
TE Brosnahan (Cant)3609443  15.66000 
E Horspool (Auck)3617721  15.40003 
RA Westbrook (Ot)3608837  14.66000 
HEL Burton (Well)3405749  14.25000 
RJ Read (Cant)3532514*12.50001 
CE Evans (Cant)3606932  11.50002 
F Woods (SIs)1202222  11.000001
RVD Worker (Cant,SIs)4808344  10.37000 
AWS Brice (Well)2303114  10.33000 
WA Aldersley (Well)121106  10.00000 
RC Torrance (Ot)3605020  8.33001 
LF Casey (Ot)2403214  8.00003 
JW Condliffe (Well)3403113  7.750021
GR Dickinson (Ot,SIs)363228*7.33000 
DJ McBeath (Cant)2302020  6.66001 
DM Patrick (Well)340229  5.50003 
M Henderson (Well)2301611  5.33000 
CS Chadwick (Ot)362209*5.00007 
DB McLachlan (Cant)1201010  5.00000 
W Brook-Smith (Auck)12099  4.50000 
JM Smith (Ot)241135  4.33001 
ND Binnie (Well)11044  4.00001 
WHJ Hayes (Cant)2401410  3.50001 
AC Fuller (Cant)350179  3.400013
RC Somervell (Auck)11033  3.00001 
RJ Coates (Auck)11022  2.00000 
C Campbell (NIs)11011  1.00000 
FS Middleton (Well)11000  0.00001 
WR Garrard (Auck)11000  0.00000