The University Parks, Oxford - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

16-225JE WalshLeicestershire v Oxford University1953f20010
15-110JT HearneMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1897f4685
15-129H VerityYorkshire v Oxford University1936f15307
14-103TW HaywardSurrey v Oxford University1897f4671
14-112VR PriceOxford University v Gentlemen of England1919f9332
14-122FA TarrantMiddlesex v Oxford University1914f9063
14-150H RotherhamGentlemen of England v Oxford University1884f2725
13-59RK IllingworthWorcestershire v Oxford University1985f35750
13-75GI BurgessSomerset v Oxford University1975f30586
13-80TB RaikesOxford University v Army1924f10866
13-104JB MortimoreGloucestershire v Oxford University1959f22646
13-105BGV MelleOxford University v Free Foresters1913f8820
13-106AS KennedyHampshire v Oxford University1922f10154
13-106JD PiachaudOxford University v Free Foresters1958f22204
13-125W MeadEssex v Oxford University1898f4871
13-146E SmithOxford University v Lancashire1890f3485
13-150Ghulam AhmedIndians v Oxford University1952f19549
13-184AP FreemanKent v Oxford University1931f13411
12-54JA BaileyOxford University v Lancashire1958f22177
12-61J BriggsLancashire v Oxford University1894f4036
12-66J BriggsLancashire v Oxford University1892f3721
12-89RHB BettingtonOxford University v Somerset1920f9600
12-98A BirdWorcestershire v Oxford University1903f6056
12-98CH ParkinLancashire v Oxford University1925f11154
12-109WG GraceMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1886f3011
12-110SJ MaloneHampshire v Oxford University1982f34056
12-126IAR PeeblesOxford University v Leicestershire1930f13050
12-127RHB BettingtonFree Foresters v Oxford University1925f11237