Inter League Club Challenge Trophy 1997

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 Averages by [Team]

17 May 1997 First RoundAccrington v Werneth Thorneyholme Road, Accrington llcll1
17 May 1997 First RoundBurnley v Stand Turf Moor, Burnley llcll2
17 May 1997 First RoundColne v Crompton The Horsfield, Colne llcll3
17 May 1997 First RoundHaslingden v Heywood Bentgate, Haslingden llcll4
17 May 1997 First RoundLittleborough v Enfield Hare Hill, Littleborough llcll5
17 May 1997 First RoundLowerhouse v Unsworth Liverpool Road, Lowerhouse llcll6
17 May 1997 First RoundMilnrow v East Lancashire Ladyhouse, Milnrow llcll7
17 May 1997 First RoundNelson v Norden Seedhill, Nelson llcll8
17 May 1997 First RoundOldham v Rishton The Pollards, Oldham llcll9
17 May 1997 First RoundRadcliffe v Todmorden The Racecourse, Radcliffe llcll10
17 May 1997 First RoundRawtenstall v Rochdale The Worswick Memorial Ground, Rawtenstall llcll11
17 May 1997 First RoundRoyton v Church The Paddock, Royton llcll12
17 May 1997 First RoundStockport v Ramsbottom Cale Green, Stockport llcll13
17 May 1997 First RoundWalsden v Bacup Scott Street, Walsden llcll14
26 May 1997 Second RoundBurnley v Milnrow Turf Moor, Burnley llcll15
26 May 1997 Second RoundHaslingden v Ashton-under-Lyne Bentgate, Haslingden llcll16
26 May 1997 Second RoundLittleborough v Rawtenstall Hare Hill, Littleborough llcll17
26 May 1997 Second RoundLowerhouse v Middleton Liverpool Road, Lowerhouse llcll18
26 May 1997 Second RoundStockport v Nelson Cale Green, Stockport llcll19
26 May 1997 Second RoundTodmorden v Crompton Centre Vale, Todmorden llcll20
26 May 1997 Second RoundWalsden v Church Scott Street, Walsden llcll21
26 May 1997 Second RoundWerneth v Rishton The Coppice, Oldham llcll22
22 Jun 1997 Quarter-FinalLittleborough v Walsden Hare Hill, Littleborough llcll23
22 Jun 1997 Quarter-FinalMiddleton v Haslingden Towncroft, Middleton llcll24
22 Jun 1997 Quarter-FinalNelson v Milnrow Seedhill, Nelson llcll25
22 Jun 1997 Quarter-FinalWerneth v Todmorden The Coppice, Oldham llcll26
26 Jul 1997 Semi-FinalHaslingden v Werneth Bentgate, Haslingden llcll26a
26 Jul 1997 Semi-FinalLittleborough v Nelson Hare Hill, Littleborough llcll26b
25 Aug 1997 FinalWerneth v Littleborough The Coppice, Oldham llcll27