Bowling in Plunket Shield 1922/23 (Ordered by Average)

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GR Gregory (Cant)170411-04.00 00
RC Blunt (Cant)250811-48.00 00
A Galland (Ot)4821411-1214.00 00
WHR Cunningham (Cant)68220262155-7217.46 10
RO Talbot (Cant)12825433-3818.00 00
RJ Read (Cant)101625368205-5318.40 10
N Conradi (Ot)12816232-3320.66 00
A Anthony (Auck)91713375185-6120.83 10
HD Gillespie (Auck)8024322-4321.50 00
WHJ Hayes (Cant)16226832-2522.66 00
GR Dickinson (Ot)4823230104-4823.00 00
CT Rix (Cant)9604622-3123.00 00
AS Player (Auck)72018243105-5424.30 10
AE Irving (Auck)1602511-2525.00 00
AWS Brice (Well)89521373146-6526.64 11
CFW Allcott (Auck)429519175-9227.28 10
HM McGirr (Well)672724694-6927.33 00
JS Hiddleston (Well)9708532-4928.33 00
DJ McBeath (Ot)74313349126-11229.08 10
E Horspool (Auck)224611742-1529.25 00
WA Aldersley (Well)280612242-4430.50 00
DM Sandman (Cant)552524984-6231.12 00
EHL Bernau (Well)232116253-9532.40 00
J Newman (Cant)21656922-5434.50 00
JL Paterson (Auck)7213511-535.00 00
JSF Shepherd (Ot)7213811-1938.00 00
M Henderson (Well)6321523163-9438.50 00
GB Cummings (Auck)216212531-2541.66 00
WM Douglas (Ot)8804511-4545.00 00
JH Hutchings (Well)280414032-5446.66 00
ANC Snedden (Auck)18419721-4248.50 00
TAB Grant (Well)11219921-4449.50 00
DR Garrard (Auck)280615032-6350.00 00
SG Smith (Auck)320316633-10555.33 00
LF Casey (Ot)200211421-3757.00 00
EG McLeod (Auck)6406011-3160.00 00
AW Alloo (Ot)4831119631-2065.33 00
CCR Dacre (Auck)176212511-65125.00 00
HEL Burton (Auck)8040    
CS Dempster (Well)8040    
JA Bruce (Well)16060    
HC Alloo (Ot)80110    
JN McEwin (Cant)561190    
RFW Whelan (Auck)240210    
WR Patrick (Cant)1203450    
DC Collins (Well)1683960