Chorley Building Society Northern Premier ECB Cricket League 2015

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

18 Apr 2015  Barrow v Fleetwood Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2110
18 Apr 2015  Blackpool v Netherfield Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2111
18 Apr 2015  Chorley v Leyland Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2112
18 Apr 2015  Kendal v Lancaster Shap Road, Kendal northernp2113
18 Apr 2015  Penrith v Preston Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2114
18 Apr 2015  St Annes v Darwen Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2115
25 Apr 2015  Darwen v Chorley Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2116
25 Apr 2015  Kendal v Fleetwood Shap Road, Kendal northernp2117
25 Apr 2015  Leyland v Barrow The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2118
25 Apr 2015  Netherfield v Morecambe Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2119
25 Apr 2015  Penrith v Blackpool Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2120
25 Apr 2015  Preston v St Annes West Cliff, Preston northernp2121
02 May 2015  Barrow v Darwen Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2121a
02 May 2015  Blackpool v St Annes Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2121b
02 May 2015  Chorley v Preston Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2122
02 May 2015  Kendal v Leyland Shap Road, Kendal northernp2122a
02 May 2015  Lancaster v Fleetwood Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2122b
02 May 2015  Penrith v Morecambe Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2123
04 May 2015  Chorley v Blackpool Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2124
04 May 2015  Darwen v Kendal Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2125
04 May 2015  Leyland v Lancaster The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2126
04 May 2015  Morecambe v St Annes Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2127
04 May 2015  Netherfield v Penrith Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2128
04 May 2015  Preston v Barrow West Cliff, Preston northernp2129
09 May 2015  Barrow v Blackpool Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2130
09 May 2015  Chorley v Morecambe Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2131
09 May 2015  Kendal v Preston Shap Road, Kendal northernp2132
09 May 2015  Lancaster v Darwen Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2133
09 May 2015  Leyland v Fleetwood The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2134
09 May 2015  St Annes v Netherfield Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2135
16 May 2015  Darwen v Fleetwood Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2136
16 May 2015  Kendal v Blackpool Shap Road, Kendal northernp2137
16 May 2015  Morecambe v Barrow Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2138
16 May 2015  Netherfield v Chorley Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2139
16 May 2015  Penrith v St Annes Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2140
16 May 2015  Preston v Lancaster West Cliff, Preston northernp2141
23 May 2015  Barrow v Netherfield Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2142
23 May 2015  Chorley v Penrith Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2143
23 May 2015  Fleetwood v Preston Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2144
23 May 2015  Kendal v Morecambe Shap Road, Kendal northernp2145
23 May 2015  Lancaster v Blackpool Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2146
23 May 2015  Leyland v Darwen The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2147
25 May 2015  Blackpool v Fleetwood Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2148
25 May 2015  Morecambe v Lancaster Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2149
25 May 2015  Netherfield v Kendal Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2150
25 May 2015  Penrith v Barrow Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2151
25 May 2015  Preston v Leyland West Cliff, Preston northernp2152
25 May 2015  St Annes v Chorley Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2153
30 May 2015  Barrow v St Annes Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2154
30 May 2015  Blackpool v Leyland Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2155
30 May 2015  Darwen v Preston Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2156
30 May 2015  Fleetwood v Morecambe Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2157
30 May 2015  Kendal v Penrith Shap Road, Kendal northernp2158
30 May 2015  Lancaster v Netherfield Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2159
06 Jun 2015  Blackpool v Darwen Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2160
06 Jun 2015  Chorley v Barrow Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2161
06 Jun 2015  Morecambe v Leyland Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2162
06 Jun 2015  Netherfield v Fleetwood Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2163
06 Jun 2015  Penrith v Lancaster Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2164
06 Jun 2015  St Annes v Kendal Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2165
13 Jun 2015  Darwen v Morecambe Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2166
13 Jun 2015  Fleetwood v Penrith Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2167
13 Jun 2015  Kendal v Chorley Shap Road, Kendal northernp2168
13 Jun 2015  Lancaster v St Annes Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2169
13 Jun 2015  Leyland v Netherfield The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2170
13 Jun 2015  Preston v Blackpool West Cliff, Preston northernp2171
20 Jun 2015  Barrow v Kendal Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2172
20 Jun 2015  Chorley v Lancaster Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2173
20 Jun 2015  Morecambe v Preston Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2174
20 Jun 2015  Netherfield v Darwen Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2175
20 Jun 2015  Penrith v Leyland Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2176
20 Jun 2015  St Annes v Fleetwood Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2177
27 Jun 2015  Blackpool v Morecambe Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2178
27 Jun 2015  Darwen v Penrith Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2179
27 Jun 2015  Fleetwood v Chorley Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2180
27 Jun 2015  Lancaster v Barrow Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2181
27 Jun 2015  Leyland v St Annes The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2182
27 Jun 2015  Preston v Netherfield West Cliff, Preston northernp2183
28 Jun 2015  Darwen v St Annes Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2184
28 Jun 2015  Fleetwood v Barrow Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2185
28 Jun 2015  Lancaster v Kendal Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2186
28 Jun 2015  Leyland v Chorley The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2187
28 Jun 2015  Netherfield v Blackpool Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2188
28 Jun 2015  Preston v Penrith West Cliff, Preston northernp2189
04 Jul 2015  Barrow v Leyland Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2190
04 Jul 2015  Blackpool v Penrith Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2191
04 Jul 2015  Chorley v Darwen Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2192
04 Jul 2015  Fleetwood v Kendal Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2193
04 Jul 2015  Morecambe v Netherfield Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2194
04 Jul 2015  St Annes v Preston Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2195
11 Jul 2015  Darwen v Barrow Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2196
11 Jul 2015  Fleetwood v Lancaster Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2197
11 Jul 2015  Leyland v Kendal The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2198
11 Jul 2015  Morecambe v Penrith Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2199
11 Jul 2015  Preston v Chorley West Cliff, Preston northernp2200
11 Jul 2015  St Annes v Blackpool Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2201
18 Jul 2015  Barrow v Preston Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2201a
18 Jul 2015  Blackpool v Chorley Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2202
18 Jul 2015  Kendal v Darwen Shap Road, Kendal northernp2203
18 Jul 2015  Lancaster v Leyland Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2204
18 Jul 2015  Penrith v Netherfield Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2205
18 Jul 2015  St Annes v Morecambe Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2206
25 Jul 2015  Blackpool v Barrow Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2207
25 Jul 2015  Darwen v Lancaster Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2208
25 Jul 2015  Fleetwood v Leyland Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2209
25 Jul 2015  Morecambe v Chorley Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2210
25 Jul 2015  Netherfield v St Annes Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2211
25 Jul 2015  Preston v Kendal West Cliff, Preston northernp2212
01 Aug 2015  Barrow v Morecambe Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2213
01 Aug 2015  Blackpool v Kendal Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2214
01 Aug 2015  Chorley v Netherfield Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2215
01 Aug 2015  Fleetwood v Darwen Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2216
01 Aug 2015  Lancaster v Preston Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2217
01 Aug 2015  St Annes v Penrith Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2218
08 Aug 2015  Blackpool v Lancaster Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2219
08 Aug 2015  Darwen v Leyland Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2220
08 Aug 2015  Morecambe v Kendal Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2221
08 Aug 2015  Netherfield v Barrow Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2222
08 Aug 2015  Penrith v Chorley Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2222a
08 Aug 2015  Preston v Fleetwood West Cliff, Preston northernp2223
15 Aug 2015  Leyland v Blackpool The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2224
15 Aug 2015  Morecambe v Fleetwood Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2225
15 Aug 2015  Netherfield v Lancaster Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2226
15 Aug 2015  Penrith v Kendal Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2227
15 Aug 2015  Preston v Darwen West Cliff, Preston northernp2228
15 Aug 2015  St Annes v Barrow Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2229
22 Aug 2015  Barrow v Chorley Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2230
22 Aug 2015  Blackpool v Darwen Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2230a
22 Aug 2015  Fleetwood v Netherfield Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2231
22 Aug 2015  Kendal v St Annes Shap Road, Kendal northernp2232
22 Aug 2015  Lancaster v Penrith Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2233
22 Aug 2015  Leyland v Morecambe The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2234
29 Aug 2015  Blackpool v Preston Stanley Park, Blackpool northernp2235
29 Aug 2015  Chorley v Kendal Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2236
29 Aug 2015  Morecambe v Darwen Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2237
29 Aug 2015  Netherfield v Leyland Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2238
29 Aug 2015  Penrith v Fleetwood Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2239
29 Aug 2015  St Annes v Lancaster Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2240
31 Aug 2015  Barrow v Penrith Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2241
31 Aug 2015  Chorley v St Annes Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2242
31 Aug 2015  Fleetwood v Blackpool Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2243
31 Aug 2015  Kendal v Netherfield Shap Road, Kendal northernp2244
31 Aug 2015  Lancaster v Morecambe Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2245
31 Aug 2015  Leyland v Preston The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2246
05 Sep 2015  Darwen v Netherfield Birch Hall, Darwen northernp2247
05 Sep 2015  Fleetwood v St Annes Broadwaters, Fleetwood northernp2248
05 Sep 2015  Kendal v Barrow Shap Road, Kendal northernp2249
05 Sep 2015  Lancaster v Chorley Lune Road, Lancaster northernp2250
05 Sep 2015  Leyland v Penrith The John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leyland northernp2251
05 Sep 2015  Preston v Morecambe West Cliff, Preston northernp2252
12 Sep 2015  Barrow v Lancaster Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness northernp2253
12 Sep 2015  Chorley v Fleetwood Windsor Park, Chorley northernp2254
12 Sep 2015  Morecambe v Blackpool Woodhill Lane, Morecambe northernp2255
12 Sep 2015  Netherfield v Preston Parkside Road, Kendal northernp2256
12 Sep 2015  Penrith v Darwen Tynefield Park, Penrith northernp2257
12 Sep 2015  St Annes v Leyland Vernon Road, St Annes northernp2258