Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1938/39 (Ordered by Average)

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ZL Paris (Ot)90811-88.00 00
ME Marks (Cant)4211822-189.00 00
HM Steere (Cant)11733432-1011.33 00
MC Bishop (Ot)366376155-6112.20 10
SA Cawtheray (Cant)18076952-2213.80 00
CA Baker (Sou)19249975-5114.14 10
P Blackler (Cant)3782513295-2814.66 10
ES Ingram (Sou)9034533-2215.00 00
M Thomas (Sou)294207743-4319.25 00
RE Symons (Cant)4382914573-4820.71 00
HE Maley (Sou)5432411-1924.00 00
VE Russell (Cant)204126121-730.50 00
M Fisher (Ot)3241811433-11438.00 00
EE Blackie (Sou)19888021-3940.00 00
MJ Taylor (Cant)20498622-743.00 00
J Swale (Sou)12646111-3561.00 00
L Johnston (Ot)12030    
IE Stephen (Ot)18130    
ZE Hocking (Cant)18150    
AH Fache (Ot)30070    
M Freeman (Ot)120100    
MS Webb (Sou)300110    
J Little (Ot)421110    
AM Pittaway (Sou)361150    
P Farquhar (Cant)965370