Bowling in RSA Inter-Provincial Championship 2013 (Ordered by Average)

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K Sajiid (NW)186164642-911.50 00
KJ O'Brien (Lein)9634842-1212.00 00
KRP Silva (NW)6061211-1212.00 00
LT Nelson (Nor)3011211-1212.00 00
JF Mooney (Lein)40213183123-1215.25 00
PD Collins (Lein)10834832-1016.00 00
PC Connell (NW)3241614594-5916.11 00
GJ Thompson (Nor)5203322-3316.50 00
J Thompson (NW)246913482-616.75 00
PS Eaglestone (Nor)54019305184-5116.94 00
EO Moleon (Nor)16376842-2917.00 00
MC Sorensen (Lein)71628307154-4120.46 00
AR McBrine (NW)4321819093-4521.11 00
AR White (Nor)3111112962-2021.50 00
Iftikhar Hussain (NW)3501812963-7021.50 00
EJ Richardson (Lein)46220222103-2622.20 00
NR Waller (Nor)3201515773-3822.42 00
SR Thompson (NW)14759243-3123.00 00
CA Young (NW)13837033-5723.33 00
J Cameron-Dow (Nor)4501421795-12424.11 10
SA Britton (NW)16247332-4024.33 00
J Anderson (Lein)12047633-425.33 00
AR Cusack (Lein)7143211-1032.00 00
Simranjit Singh (Lein)12046622-2133.00 00
TE Kane (Lein)162410231-2234.00 00
A van der Merwe (Lein)4442121462-3635.66 00
G Burns (NW)156610932-5536.33 00
CR Ervine (Nor)7843711-3337.00 00
AJ Coulter (Nor)2341013532-7445.00 00
PKD Chase (Lein)156213921-2169.50 00
AK Riddles (NW)15658511-1685.00 00
AD Poynter (Lein)6060    
DA Rankin (NW)120130    
J Milligan (NW)241130    
NG Jones (Nor)844330    
Kamran Sajid (NW)964360    
NL Smith (Nor)604400    
ZBC Rushe (Nor)783460    
S Campbell (NW)1141730