Fielding in Cricket Scotland Trophy 2013 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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BG Clarke (Udd)3437
JAR Blain (West)34 4
CD Wallace (For)1314
D Pinkstone (West)3213
NW Smith (Ayr)1213
Aamir Gul (Udd)32 2
DR Lockhart (West)22 2
AA Lockhart-Krause (Her)2112
S Lucas (Her)22 2
MA Parker (For)22 2
G Smith (West)32 2
DT Allan (Udd)31 1
AWG Anderson (Her)21 1
AM Cameron (For)11 1
R Cox (West)21 1
GHR Garden (For)11 1
AHJ Hislop (Wat)11 1
ST Knox (Her)21 1
SC Leggat (West)11 1
AJ McElnea (Ayr)11 1
GT Main (Udd)11 1
SB Reddy (Udd)31 1
Sameer Zia (Udd)31 1
M Schofield (Ayr)11 1
CH Smith (EK)11 1
DJ Sweeney (For)21 1
G Watson (West)31 1
BG Wilkinson (Her)11 1





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