Scotland National Cricket League Premier Division 2000

 Points Table
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06 May 2000  Ayr v Aberdeenshire Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl458
06 May 2000  Carlton v Heriot's Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl459
06 May 2000  Greenock v Grange Glenpark, Greenock csl464
06 May 2000  Prestwick v Clydesdale Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl468
06 May 2000  West Lothian v West of Scotland Boghall, Linlithgow csl471
13 May 2000  Aberdeenshire v Prestwick Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl472
13 May 2000  Clydesdale v Carlton Titwood, Glasgow csl473
13 May 2000  Grange v West of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl475
13 May 2000  Greenock v West Lothian Glenpark, Greenock csl476
13 May 2000  Heriot's v Ayr Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl477
20 May 2000  Ayr v Carlton Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl488
20 May 2000  Clydesdale v Heriot's Titwood, Glasgow csl489
20 May 2000  Prestwick v Greenock Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl497
20 May 2000  West Lothian v Grange Boghall, Linlithgow csl500
20 May 2000  West of Scotland v Aberdeenshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl501
27 May 2000  Carlton v Aberdeenshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl501b
27 May 2000  Grange v Clydesdale Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl501e
27 May 2000  Greenock v Ayr Glenpark, Greenock csl502
27 May 2000  Heriot's v West of Scotland Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl502a
27 May 2000  Prestwick v West Lothian Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl504
03 Jun 2000  Aberdeenshire v Greenock Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl506
03 Jun 2000  Ayr v Prestwick Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl507
03 Jun 2000  Clydesdale v West Lothian Titwood, Glasgow csl508
03 Jun 2000  Grange v Heriot's Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl512
03 Jun 2000  West of Scotland v Carlton Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl520
10 Jun 2000  Carlton v Greenock Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl520b
10 Jun 2000  Heriot's v Aberdeenshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl523b
10 Jun 2000  Prestwick v Grange Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl526
10 Jun 2000  West Lothian v Ayr Boghall, Linlithgow csl528
10 Jun 2000  West of Scotland v Clydesdale Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl529
17 Jun 2000  Aberdeenshire v Grange Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl530
17 Jun 2000  Ayr v West of Scotland Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl531
17 Jun 2000  Carlton v West Lothian Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl532
17 Jun 2000  Greenock v Clydesdale Glenpark, Greenock csl535
17 Jun 2000  Heriot's v Prestwick Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl536
24 Jun 2000  Clydesdale v Aberdeenshire Titwood, Glasgow csl546
24 Jun 2000  Grange v Ayr Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl552
24 Jun 2000  Prestwick v Carlton Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl555
24 Jun 2000  West Lothian v Heriot's Boghall, Linlithgow csl558
24 Jun 2000  West of Scotland v Greenock Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl559
01 Jul 2000  Ayr v Clydesdale Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl561
01 Jul 2000  Carlton v Grange Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl562
01 Jul 2000  Greenock v Heriot's Glenpark, Greenock csl566
01 Jul 2000  Prestwick v West of Scotland Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl571
01 Jul 2000  West Lothian v Aberdeenshire Boghall, Linlithgow csl574
08 Jul 2000  Aberdeenshire v Ayr Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl574a
08 Jul 2000  Clydesdale v Prestwick Titwood, Glasgow csl574c
08 Jul 2000  Grange v Greenock Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl576a
08 Jul 2000  Heriot's v Carlton Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl577
08 Jul 2000  West of Scotland v West Lothian Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl582a
15 Jul 2000  Ayr v Heriot's Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl584
15 Jul 2000  Carlton v Clydesdale Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl585
15 Jul 2000  Prestwick v Aberdeenshire Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl593
15 Jul 2000  West Lothian v Greenock Boghall, Linlithgow csl596
15 Jul 2000  West of Scotland v Grange Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl597
23 Jul 2000  Aberdeenshire v West of Scotland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl598
23 Jul 2000  Carlton v Ayr Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl599
23 Jul 2000  Grange v West Lothian Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl602
23 Jul 2000  Greenock v Prestwick Glenpark, Greenock csl603
23 Jul 2000  Heriot's v Clydesdale Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl604
29 Jul 2000  Aberdeenshire v Carlton Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl613
29 Jul 2000  Ayr v Greenock Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl614
29 Jul 2000  Clydesdale v Grange Titwood, Glasgow csl615
29 Jul 2000  #West Lothian v Prestwick Boghall, Linlithgow csl626
29 Jul 2000  West of Scotland v Heriot's Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl627
05 Aug 2000  Aberdeenshire v Heriot's Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl628
05 Aug 2000  Ayr v West Lothian Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl630
05 Aug 2000  Clydesdale v West of Scotland Titwood, Glasgow csl631
05 Aug 2000  Grange v Prestwick Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl636
05 Aug 2000  Greenock v Carlton Glenpark, Greenock csl637
12 Aug 2000  Carlton v West of Scotland Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl643
12 Aug 2000  Greenock v Aberdeenshire Glenpark, Greenock csl646
12 Aug 2000  Heriot's v Grange Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl647
12 Aug 2000  Prestwick v Ayr Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl651
12 Aug 2000  West Lothian v Clydesdale Boghall, Linlithgow csl657
19 Aug 2000  Clydesdale v Greenock Titwood, Glasgow csl659
19 Aug 2000  Grange v Aberdeenshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl663a
19 Aug 2000  Prestwick v Heriot's Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl664a
19 Aug 2000  West Lothian v Carlton Boghall, Linlithgow csl665
19 Aug 2000  West of Scotland v Ayr Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl666
26 Aug 2000  Aberdeenshire v Clydesdale Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl666a
26 Aug 2000  Ayr v Grange Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl667
26 Aug 2000  Carlton v Prestwick Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl667a
26 Aug 2000  Greenock v West of Scotland Glenpark, Greenock csl668
26 Aug 2000  Heriot's v West Lothian Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl669
02 Sep 2000  Aberdeenshire v West Lothian Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl671a
02 Sep 2000  Clydesdale v Ayr Titwood, Glasgow csl672
02 Sep 2000  Grange v Carlton Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl677
02 Sep 2000  Heriot's v Greenock Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl678
02 Sep 2000  West of Scotland v Prestwick Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl683

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.