Rajat Bhatia
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:R Bhatia

DateLine: 28th April 2009


Had the roll of selectoral dice gone his way, Rajat Bhatia could have been the allrounder India were looking for when Robin Singh called it a day in 2001. A medium-pace bowler who has for long stuck to one line, and a batsman good enough to tough it out at the crease, Bhatia has turned in many influential performances in domestic cricket. Chchotu is still regarded highly by those who played with and against him, especially in Tamil Nadu, even after he left them to return to Delhi, his original state. By the time he emerged as a finished product as an all-rounder, there was no specific need for one, and he missed the boat for India selection. India's loss has been Delhi's gain, and ironically it is Tamil Nadu who suffer at his hands repeatedly, as he rarely fails to make a telling contribution with bat or ball against his old state team.