Bangladesh coach suffering from skin cancer
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:JD Siddons

DateLine: 27th August 2009


Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons is suffering from skin cancer and will undergo surgery on Thursday.


"I have skin cancer near my eye and I will need a surgery to have it removed on Thursday," the Australian told Bangladeshi newspaper Prothom Alo.


After Bangladesh's successful tour of Zimbabwe, Siddons did not return with the team last week, rather went to Australia for the surgery and is supposed to join the team after three weeks of leave.


The coach is hoping that the cancer is not too serious but admitted that all depends on how the cancer has spread.


"The plastic surgeon says it should be straight forward and I can travel back in two weeks if there are no complications after surgery."


"I'm hoping for smooth outcome from the surgery. It all depends on the spread of the cancer when they start looking! I'm only here (Australia) for surgery, not for holidays mate. I already put this surgery off by eight weeks so I could be with the team on the tour."