Lloyds TSB Scotland National Cricket League Division One 2009

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

02 May 2009  Drumpellier v Arbroath United Langloan, Coatbridge csl2616
02 May 2009  Dunfermline v Ferguslie McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2618
02 May 2009  Forfarshire v Penicuik Forthill, Dundee csl2620
02 May 2009  Poloc v Stenhousemuir Shawholm, Glasgow csl2623
02 May 2009  Stirling County v Stoneywood-Dyce New Williamfield, Stirling csl2624
09 May 2009  Arbroath United v Poloc Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2628a
09 May 2009  Penicuik v Drumpellier Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2629b
09 May 2009  Stenhousemuir v Forfarshire The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2629f
09 May 2009  Stirling County v Dunfermline New Williamfield, Stirling csl2630a
09 May 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Ferguslie People's Park, Aberdeen csl2631
16 May 2009  Arbroath United v Stenhousemuir Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2633
16 May 2009  Drumpellier v Stirling County Langloan, Coatbridge csl2636
16 May 2009  Dunfermline v Stoneywood-Dyce McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2638
16 May 2009  Ferguslie v Penicuik Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2640
16 May 2009  Forfarshire v Poloc Forthill, Dundee csl2641
23 May 2009  Drumpellier v Dunfermline Langloan, Coatbridge csl2651
23 May 2009  Poloc v Penicuik Shawholm, Glasgow csl2654
23 May 2009  Stenhousemuir v Ferguslie The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2657
23 May 2009  Stirling County v Forfarshire New Williamfield, Stirling csl2659
23 May 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Arbroath United People's Park, Aberdeen csl2660
30 May 2009  Arbroath United v Dunfermline Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2664
30 May 2009  Ferguslie v Poloc Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2667
30 May 2009  Forfarshire v Drumpellier Forthill, Dundee csl2668
30 May 2009  Penicuik v Stirling County Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2672
30 May 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Stenhousemuir People's Park, Aberdeen csl2675
06 Jun 2009  Drumpellier v Stoneywood-Dyce Langloan, Coatbridge csl2681
06 Jun 2009  Dunfermline v Forfarshire McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2683
06 Jun 2009  Ferguslie v Arbroath United Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2685
06 Jun 2009  Poloc v Stirling County Shawholm, Glasgow csl2687
06 Jun 2009  Stenhousemuir v Penicuik The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2689
13 Jun 2009  Forfarshire v Ferguslie Forthill, Dundee csl2699
13 Jun 2009  Penicuik v Stoneywood-Dyce Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2703
13 Jun 2009  Poloc v Dunfermline Shawholm, Glasgow csl2704
13 Jun 2009  Stenhousemuir v Drumpellier The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2707
13 Jun 2009  Stirling County v Arbroath United New Williamfield, Stirling csl2709
20 Jun 2009  Arbroath United v Penicuik Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2713
20 Jun 2009  Drumpellier v Poloc Langloan, Coatbridge csl2716
20 Jun 2009  Dunfermline v Stenhousemuir McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2718
20 Jun 2009  Ferguslie v Stirling County Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2720
20 Jun 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Forfarshire People's Park, Aberdeen csl2723
27 Jun 2009  Ferguslie v Drumpellier Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2729
27 Jun 2009  Forfarshire v Arbroath United Forthill, Dundee csl2730
27 Jun 2009  Penicuik v Dunfermline Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2731a
27 Jun 2009  Poloc v Stoneywood-Dyce Shawholm, Glasgow csl2732
27 Jun 2009  Stirling County v Stenhousemuir New Williamfield, Stirling csl2735
04 Jul 2009  Arbroath United v Drumpellier Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2739
04 Jul 2009  Ferguslie v Dunfermline Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2743
04 Jul 2009  Penicuik v Forfarshire Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2745
04 Jul 2009  Stenhousemuir v Poloc The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2748
04 Jul 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Stirling County People's Park, Aberdeen csl2750
11 Jul 2009  Drumpellier v Penicuik Langloan, Coatbridge csl2756
11 Jul 2009  Dunfermline v Stirling County McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2758
11 Jul 2009  Ferguslie v Stoneywood-Dyce Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2760
11 Jul 2009  Forfarshire v Stenhousemuir Forthill, Dundee csl2761
11 Jul 2009  Poloc v Arbroath United Shawholm, Glasgow csl2765
18 Jul 2009  Penicuik v Ferguslie Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2772a
18 Jul 2009  Poloc v Forfarshire Shawholm, Glasgow csl2773
18 Jul 2009  Stenhousemuir v Arbroath United The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2775
18 Jul 2009  Stirling County v Drumpellier New Williamfield, Stirling csl2776a
18 Jul 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Dunfermline People's Park, Aberdeen csl2777
25 Jul 2009  Arbroath United v Stoneywood-Dyce Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2779
25 Jul 2009  Dunfermline v Drumpellier McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2782
25 Jul 2009  Ferguslie v Stenhousemuir Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2784
25 Jul 2009  Forfarshire v Stirling County Forthill, Dundee csl2785
25 Jul 2009  Penicuik v Poloc Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2789
01 Aug 2009  Drumpellier v Forfarshire Langloan, Coatbridge csl2795a
01 Aug 2009  Dunfermline v Arbroath United McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2797
01 Aug 2009  Poloc v Ferguslie Shawholm, Glasgow csl2799
01 Aug 2009  Stenhousemuir v Stoneywood-Dyce The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2801
01 Aug 2009  Stirling County v Penicuik New Williamfield, Stirling csl2803
08 Aug 2009  Arbroath United v Ferguslie Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2807
08 Aug 2009  Forfarshire v Dunfermline Forthill, Dundee csl2811
08 Aug 2009  Penicuik v Stenhousemuir Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2815
08 Aug 2009  Stirling County v Poloc New Williamfield, Stirling csl2819
08 Aug 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Drumpellier People's Park, Aberdeen csl2820
15 Aug 2009  Arbroath United v Stirling County Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2821
15 Aug 2009  Drumpellier v Stenhousemuir Langloan, Coatbridge csl2821c
15 Aug 2009  Dunfermline v Poloc McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2821e
15 Aug 2009  Ferguslie v Forfarshire Meikleriggs, Paisley csl2821g
15 Aug 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Penicuik People's Park, Aberdeen csl2822
22 Aug 2009  Forfarshire v Stoneywood-Dyce Forthill, Dundee csl2825
22 Aug 2009  Penicuik v Arbroath United Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2829
22 Aug 2009  Poloc v Drumpellier Shawholm, Glasgow csl2829a
22 Aug 2009  Stenhousemuir v Dunfermline The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2830
22 Aug 2009  Stirling County v Ferguslie New Williamfield, Stirling csl2831a
29 Aug 2009  Arbroath United v Forfarshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2835
29 Aug 2009  Drumpellier v Ferguslie Langloan, Coatbridge csl2838
29 Aug 2009  Dunfermline v Penicuik McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2840
29 Aug 2009  Stenhousemuir v Stirling County The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2842
29 Aug 2009  Stoneywood-Dyce v Poloc People's Park, Aberdeen csl2843